The ECS during Postpartum & Breast-Feeding

The ECS during Postpartum & Breast-Feeding

The ECS during Postpartum & Breast-Feeding

(Written by: Adelina I. Sanchez on December 25, 2020.)

The ECS (EndoCannabinoid System) during Postpartum & Breast-Feeding

CB1 receptors also play an influential role in the postpartum situation and help regulate the physical and mental functions back to normal.

ECS have also been detected in maternal milk and are important for infant development, especially the human brain's development. In simple words, ECS is a major player in formulating a diet for a newborn when he first starts to breastfeed.

The ECS fulfill a baby's dietary requirements and protect the neurons in the postnatal development of the brain while stimulating the suckling response and tongue muscles.

Simply put, the role of ECS in pregnancy and breastfeeding is significant as it impacts ovulation, gestation, and early life of an infant. ECS in the human brain are especially critical to fundamental survival functions.

How Leafly Therapy Pregnancy Wellness Care Plan Differs:  

When a woman reaches the optimum level of prenatal health, everyone benefits: the mother and her baby, her support system, and the health care delivery system. My Pregnancy Wellness Care Plan (PWCP) serves as a means for achieving prenatal and postpartum wellness through individualized massage therapy, natural products, holistic and empathetic approaches, communication, education, and service facilitation. This is my protocol.

The Pregnancy Wellness Care Plan (PWCP) was designed by me, Adelina I. Sanchez, founder and licensed massage therapist of Leafly Therapy. My core function is to empower my clients through the power of touch. Core function is to encourage and assist clients in becoming engaged in a collaborative process designed to:

- Alleviate back & leg pain

- Reduce labor pain during childbirth

- Lessen postoperative pain

- Reduce anxiety & stress

- Ease insomnia

- Reduce edema

- Alleviate Postpartum Depression symptoms

"My Mission is to merge both the Massage Therapy industry and Cannabis industry, to push to the Medical Forefront!" -Adelina I. Sanchez

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